TYOU Virtual STEM Club


Central PA TYOU Virtual Stem Club

2020 - 2021 MEETING TOPICS

October 21st | TYOU STEM Club: An Introduction to Transportation Careers

We will provide an overview of our Transportation YOU STEM Club program and talk about the variety of exciting and meaningful career options within the transportation field. Real transportation professionals will share their career paths, talk about what it’s like to work in their field, and answer your career questions!

November 18th | Transportation: Connecting People from A to B

Don’t believe the hype! Transportation is about so much more than just designing for cars. Transportation is all about designing for people... and people use many different ways to travel and transport their goods from
A to B: cars, buses, planes, trains, walking, biking, and more. Come learn about how we thoughtfully tackle the challenge of planning equitable systems for all those different types of transportation and about the role that transportation plays in social justice issues.

December 16th | College? Ask a Current College Student

What is it really like to be in college? How do I get there from where I am now? What do college applications involve? How do I pay for it? Bring all of your college-related questions to this session, where a panel of current college students will be available to answer your questions, offer advice, and share their stories.

January 20th | Bridges: From Engineering Design to Construction

Ever wonder how bridges are designed and built? Come learn about how college students design and construct miniature steel bridges for their Steel Bridge Competitions! Hear real-world examples of how local transportation agencies use cutting-edge methods to reduce construction impacts.

February 17th | Transportation & the Environment: Climate Change, Community Resiliency, and Stormwater/Erosion

Transportation professionals play a significant role in minimizing our impacts on the environment and in mitigating the effects of climate change. Whether it’s through advocating for more sustainable forms of transportation, designing infrastructure to handle extreme weather events, or reducing the stormwater erosion impacts on a construction project - transportation professionals are up to the challenge!

March 17th | What am I Known For? Developing Your Professional Brand

Who are you? How do you present yourself to the public? Through what you say and what you share, you are developing your own personal brand. Join us to learn how you can transition your student brand into your professional brand. Reflect on the values, skills, and attitudes you respect and would like to be known for & learn how to start cultivating your own unique professional brand that others will see in the future as you grow into your professional career.

April 21st | Construction Materials: Making Sure They’re Strong Enough to Get the Job Done

We want to make sure our transportation construction materials meet the standards and perform as intended! Learn about the physics tests that are done on construction materials, how different materials can be used to achieve different goals, attend a virtual tour of a concrete plant, and hear stories about what can happen when materials don’t cooperate.

May 19th | Future of Transportation: Emerging Technology, Innovations, Smart Cities, and YOU

While we believe YOU are the future of transportation, there are also lots of exciting innovations and emerging technologies in the transportation world today! Come learn about some of the cutting-edge tech that is inspiring the industry to think differently about transportation and its role in creating the cities of the future.


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