What We Do


The WTS mission is to attract, sustain, connect, and advance women and the unrepresented in the transportation industry in the pursuit of our vision of equity and access.  How do we do that? Through our five major areas of focus:


Advance Transportation
  • WTS members are subject matter experts and thought leaders across the transportation industry. We utilize this knowledge base to provide high-quality industry-related programming like webinars, workshops, and other opportunities to share best practices in your modal sector, profession, and field of choice.
  • We support the US Department of Transportation’s Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) program through collaboration with the US Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
  • We maintain a Speakers Bureau of subject matter experts that are skilled, knowledgeable, and available to present on their areas of expertise
  • We advance transportation with events like our WTS Annual Conference, WTS Policy Symposium, and online learning offerings like our Distinguished Speaker Series
Professional and Workforce Development
  • We hold trainings and offer best practices that develop both the employee and the employer in their pursuits of advancement.
  • We offer roundtable sessions for executive and C-Suite management, small business owners, and entrepreneur development
  • WTS virtual and in-person programming includes seminars and workshops on topics like technical innovations, mentorship, allyship, current insights from transportation executives, best practices in hiring, and more.
  • We deliver mid-level and manager instruction to help professionals gain the skills needed to advance in their careers.
  • We offer member meetups at the Student, Professional, and Executive levels to develop cross-membership connections and discuss trending topics, challenges, and achievements.
  • WTS provides first-class networking across the industry – establishing strategic, lifelong professional connections.
  • We offer best practices, research, and data on the state of the workforce and how to improve equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging within organizations.
  • Volunteer leadership and committee positions are available for WTS members at the International, Foundation, and Chapter levels.
  • Specific chapter leader training and board governance training  
  • Events like our Annual Conference, Signature Leadership Training, and Chapter Leader Development promote professional and workforce development.


Gender Equity Advocacy
  • We advocate for family-friendly work policies that allow everyone to fully participate in the workforce.
  • We support equal pay and equitable hiring practices.
  • We support the growth and social acceptance of women’s rights, with an understanding that we’re all better when women can fully participate and make choices regarding their own health and wellbeing, specifically as it relates to workforce inclusion
  • Other legislative proposals that affect women in the workplace.
  • Events like our WTS Policy Symposium furthers discussions on gender equity advocacy.
Legislative and Regulatory Priorities
  • Advancing and advocating for equitable, sustainable, and safe transportation systems; including workforce development and education, 529 education savings plans, the US Department of Transportations’ DBE program support, and more.
  • View WTS International’s Legislative and Regulatory priorities here
Building the Future of Transportation:  The WTS Foundation
  • We develop the next generation of diverse transportation professionals and leaders.
  • We offer exposure, training, and programming for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, undergraduate, and graduate studies.
  • The WTS organization provides over $700,000 annually in scholarships  through our local chapters and WTS International.
  • We support and inspire research that assesses the state of the transportation workforce and the advancement of women.
  • Through a complimentary student membership, students beginning their undergraduate journey through doctoral studies, can engage and participate in the WTS organization through a membership to a professional chapter.  WTS student chapters and college partnerships help support these efforts.
  • We host student exposure and training through events like Chapter Transportation YOU programming, local and international scholarships, and the WTS Capital Summit



2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan 

Goals + Objectives 

WTS' 2021–2026 Goals & Objectives align under our mission pillars of attract, sustain, connect, and advance. 

WTS Goals and Objectives
2021–2026 Priorities 
  • Organizational Excellence 
  • Member and Organization Engagement 
  • Access, Equity, and Opportunity 
  • Education, Programming, Training, and Advocacy 
  • Data-Informed

To download and view the 2021–2026 full strategic plan, click here.