2021-2026 Strategic Planning

2021-2026 WTS Strategic Plan 

This strategic plan is a next step in the transformation of WTS, as we bring together the organization under the plan, "One-WTS: Advancement through Collaboration." The One-WTS model unifies WTS International, the WTS Foundation, and the WTS Chapters under one strategic umbrella, so that together, through the realization of our core values and objectives, we can strive to accomplish our mission and fulfill our vision. 

The priorities of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan reflect the progress of our organization and work to build on past success while recognizing the opportunities and challenges of today and our focus for WTS over the coming years. Both the priorities and accompanying strategic focus points of this plan are developed in a way to allow innovation and agility. This new plan will expand and unite WTS' efforts to advance women and advance transportation, and with this plan, WTS is well-prepared and structured to address the evolving needs and changing landscape of transportation. 

Download the 2021-2026 WTS International & WTS Foundation Strategic Plan 


The 2021-2026 Strategic Plan: One WTS: Advancement through Collaboration is intended to be a living document that is always within a continuous loop of planning, budgeting, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and planning.  The below resources can help Chapter Leaders adopt the new plan for their Chapter. 


Download the 2021-2026 WTS Strategic Plan: Chapter Version 


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Annual Business Plan Template


WTS Strategic Plan Components



WTS attracts, sustains, connects, and advances women’s careers to strengthen the transportation industry. 


Equity and access for women in transportation.

Guiding Principles

  • WTS is an international organization dedicated to shaping the future of transportation for the public good through the global advancement of women.

  • To achieve our shared vision of One WTS, we are a dedicated and aligned organization focused on supporting students, members, and chapters.

  • Advancing women in transportation is key to advancing transportation and ensuring a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce.

  • WTS is committed to ethical leadership, integrity, and respect for all as we shape future generations or transportation leaders.

  • WTS actively collaborates with its transportation community that includes corporations, public agencies, associations, and learning institutions.

Core Values

Our success hinges on conducting ourselves in accordance with a set of core values- our operating principles- in everything we do. Together. 

We are collaborative. 

Our ability to be influential and impactful hinges on cultivating a culture of teamwork.  We welcome and seek ways to collaborate within and beyond WTS with both traditional and non-traditional organizations to support our vision, mission, goals, and objectives.  We believe we are better together. 

We are future focused. 

We embrace change as proof that we are making progress. Our long-range goals drive today's decisions and actions, however, we are agile and innovative as we anticipate and respond to new opportunities and challenges for current members, students, and the future workforce. 

We are professional. 

Everything we do is linked to delivering better benefits and services to our members and our community.  We approach everything we do with honesty, transparency, and integrity.  We are committed to doing what's best for our members through responsible actions. 

We are inclusive. 

WTS is a safe place to find one's voice, develop, learn, and thrive. We embrace the belief that all people have value and the right to belong. We are committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect and creating an open environment that is equitable and accessible to all, where differences of thought, life experiences, and backgrounds are appreciated and welcomed, and contributions are valued. 

2021-2026 Strategic Plan 


Goals + Objectives 

WTS' 2021-2026 Goals & Objectives align under our mission pillars of attract, sustain, connect, and advance. 

WTS Goals and Objectives
2021-2026 Priorities 
  • Organizational Excellence 
  • Member and Organization Engagement 
  • Access, Equity, and Opportunity 
  • Education, Programming, Training, and Advocacy 
  • Data-Informed


2021-2026 Strategic Planning Process Summary 

WTS underwent a strategic planning process to develop the roadmap for 2021-2026 for the organization. This robust process had many key opportunities for feedback and input from WTS members, chapter leaders, stakeholders, industry partners and corporate partners. 


Provide Input on the Strategic Planning Process

WTS Strategic Planning- Membership Input Survey has closed as of Wednesday, February 17, 2021. 

Feedback Update: 4/19/2021 
The WTS Strategic Planning Committee would like your input and feedback on the development of its WTS 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.  Feedback is specific to WTS guiding principles, core values, goals, objectives, and 2021-2025 Priorities. 


WTS Strategic Planning Process Timeline

WTS Strategic Planning Process Timeline