Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee


The WTS-Boston Chapter Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee seeks to advance diversity, inclusion, and representation within WTS-Boston. By serving as an internal resource and collaborating with other committees, we work to achieve these goals through regular programming. We define diversity as a feature of a mixed organization that provides a wide range of abilities, experience,  knowledge, and strengths due to its heterogeneity in age, background, race, ethnicity, cognitive and physical abilities, gender identity and presentation, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, socioeconomic status and other attributes. Inclusion is the practice of valuing diversity and diverse perspectives. Representation refers to the ability of current and prospective members to see themselves represented within all levels of the Chapter.

To learn more about the WTS-Boston Chapter's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Vision and Goals, please click here.

We always welcome new members! To get involved with our committee, please send an email to one of our committee co-chairs, Sara Yasin and Billie Li.

DEI In Motion

Each month, the WTS-Boston DEI Committee shares an original article on a topic relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  If you have an idea for a topic you'd like to see, please reach out to our committee leadership.  

Mental Health Awareness Month
Environmental Justice
Inclusive Leadership
Neurodiversity in the Workplace
World AIDS Day
National Native American Heritage Month and Land Acknowledgements
National Employee Disability Awareness Month
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Empowering People: How Engineers and Planners Can Give a Voice to the Community
ADA 33rd Anniversary
Pride Month and Pronouns
Increased Violence Against Asian Americans During the Pandemic
Earth Day and Environmental Racism
Women’s History Month and the Wage/Wealth Gaps
The Embrace Memorial Sculpture
National Poverty in America Awareness Month
Building Brave Spaces
Unconscious Bias
Ableism and Accessibility
Environmental Awareness Month
Effective Allyship in the Workplace
Massachusetts Shared Use Bike Paths - Summer Bike Month

National Bike Month
Microaggressions in the Workplace
WTS-Boston Celebrates Women's History Month
WTS-Boston Celebrates Black History Month
Join WTS-Boston in Celebrating Juneteenth
WTS-Boston Celebrates Diversity in April

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