Interested in Volunteering with us?

We depend on our committees to help shape the success of our Chapter so that WTS-Boston supports the changing needs and interests of its members. This all starts with YOU! The best way to learn about WTS, and benefit from it, is to get involved at a committee level.

Read below about our committees to find your perfect fit!


The Communications Committee maintains the WTS-Boston Chapter’s website. We prepare and issue weekly and periodic emails to all members and registered non-members about upcoming events and programs. We use social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to promote WTS and its members. Heightened awareness of WTS-Boston and women in the transportation field are integral to the Chapter’s mission and are promoted by the Communications Committee. We welcome new members interested in writing, editing, and maintaining website, email, and social media content.

Contact Co-chairs:
Judith Gibson-Okunieff, City of Boston
Alison Love, S.E.STV


The Golf Committee is responsible for planning the WTS-Boston Annual Golf Outing which benefits the WTS Boston Scholarship Fund. We actively recruit players/foursomes as well as corporate sponsorships and prize donations from various supporters for the outing. The goal of the committee is to sell out the event in order to maximize the amount of funds raised for the WTS-Boston Scholarship Fund. We meet monthly to discuss the status of the event compared to the committee’s objectives. If you are interested in joining the Golf Committee or volunteering at the event, please contact one of the committee chairs listed.

Contact Co-chairs:
Marcia Kelly, Kleinfelder
Kayla Sousa, MassDOT


The Membership Committee supports members of WTS-Boston by identifying membership needs, developing strategies to increase membership, and helping members get involved with Chapter activities. We promote the benefits of engagement with new and existing members and maintain contact information for all members. Membership orientation, membership drives, membership celebration receptions, and other member-oriented events are all geared toward member networking. We are an integral part of WTS-Boston and work with all the Chapter Committees to ensure that the benefits of WTS membership are shared with others.

Contact Co-chairs:
Ali Kleyman, AICPCTPS / Boston Region MPO
Kait RimolU.S. DOT/Volpe

Special Projects

The Special Projects Committee is responsible for planning three major Chapter events: the New Year’s Reception, April Leadership Forum, and the Annual Awards and Scholarships Dinner. Each year, a leader in the transportation industry greets attendees at the New Year’s Reception with a keynote address. The April Leadership Forum is held annually to recognize the Chapter’s corporate sponsors and the “Excellence in Leadership Award” recipient. The Forum brings together leaders in the transportation community including state legislators, state agencies, and private companies to recognize the accomplishments of one of our Chapter’s leaders. The Awards and Scholarships Dinner honors WTS-Boston’s Woman of the Year, Member of the Year, Employer of the Year, Innovative Transportation Solutions Award, Honorable Ray LaHood Award, and Diversity Leadership Award recipients. Graduate and undergraduate scholarship recipients are also honored during the dinner.

Contact Co-chairs:
Katherine Patch, Fuss & O'Neill
Arzu Kurkoglu Hemann, P.E.MBTA

Student Chapter

The Student Chapter Committee serves as a link between WTS Boston’s Student Chapter at UMass-Amherst and the professionals within the Boston Chapter by providing guidance and networking opportunities. Supporting the overall mission of WTS, the Committee connects students with professionals and encourages the development and involvement of women in the field of transportation. We bring speakers to the campus that can provide insight into the everyday challenges and successes that are a part of transportation projects, from technical discussions to soft skills. To raise awareness of WTS and the potential of future student chapters, the Committee is coordinating with local universities to bring speakers to campus.

Contact Co-chairs:
Heather Moulton, P.E., STV
Leah Grodstein, MassDOT

Scholarship and Awards

The Scholarship and Awards Committee works to support current and future leaders by providing scholarships and recognition to those making a difference in the transportation industry. We are proud to provide scholarships for high school, undergraduate, and graduate women studying transportation. We perform outreach to local students and universities for scholarship nominations; evaluate applications; select local winners; and submit the student candidates to the National Competition. We conduct a similar process for the Annual Chapter Recognition Awards, which celebrate local professionals and industry leaders making a difference in transportation throughout New England.

Contact Co-chairs:
Dieckmann Cogill, AICP, Jacobs
Adina Alpert, P.E., PTOE, Nitsch


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for managing WTS-Boston’s Annual Sponsorship Program. This program supports Chapter activities and programs, including the Scholarship Fund, through contributions from local corporate and agency sponsors. The Committee also establishes the sponsorship levels and benefits for the Chapter’s supporters and coordinates fundraising activities and special events with other committees, such as the Communications or Special Projects Committees. Please contact the co-chairs listed if you are interested in helping to support fundraising for the Chapter.

Contact Co-chairs:
Kathryn Eagan, P.E.BSC Group
Alexandra Kavanagh, Stantec

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee seeks to advance diversity, inclusion, and representation within WTS-Boston. By serving as an internal resource and collaborating with other committees, we work to achieve these goals through regular programming. We define diversity as a feature of a mixed organization that provides a wide range of abilities, experience,  knowledge, and strengths due to its heterogeneity in age, background, race, ethnicity, cognitive and physical abilities, gender identity and presentation, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, socioeconomic status and other attributes. Inclusion is the practice of valuing diversity and diverse perspectives. Representation refers to the ability of current and prospective members to see themselves represented within all levels of the Chapter.

Contact Co-chairs:
Billie Li, MassDOT
Sara Yasin, VHB


The Mentoring Committee oversees four programs that provide members with valuable mentoring and relationship building opportunities. The Emerging Professional Women (EP Program) provides annual awards to professionals with less than 5 years' experience for paid WTS membership and attendance at key WTS events along with advisor support from the chapter. The Formal Mentoring Program provides both individual mentoring, by pairing seasoned professionals with professionals at the start of their careers, and group mentoring through professional development events open to all program participants. The Management Networking Roundtable serves members with at least 10 years of experience in the transportation industry by providing a small, facilitated discussion on hot topics. The TED Talk discussions explore diverse topics in a group setting facilitated by a leader within the WTS-Boston Chapter.

Contact Co-chairs:
Estey Masten, HDR
Francisca Heming, MassDOT


The Programs Committee is responsible for developing, planning and conducting six monthly luncheon meetings that are held throughout the year as well as a summer tour event. The focus of our programs is to regularly bring current transportation-related topics to our members and interested parties, discussed by key industry leaders, from both the public and private sectors. Our programs have included federal government speakers, state and local officials, as well as key industry leaders. Additionally, the Programs Committee selects programs that provide information about all modes of transportation and actively seeks female speakers (when appropriate) to discuss these issues.

Contact Co-Chairs:
Heidi CashmanGeoEngineers USA
Kari Richards, HDR | City Point Partners

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is a very active committee aspiring to provide excellent professional development programming for the benefit of our membership. We organize professional development seminars, workshops and panel discussions on a variety of topics including professional licensing, networking, social media, presentation skills, management and marketing. Networking opportunities are also offered. We welcome new members who want to help plan and participate in developing professional development

Contact Co-chairs:
Amanda AlzaimVHB
Nancy LaFarge, HNTB

Transportation YOU

The Transportation YOU Committee is the link between WTS-Boston and Transportation YOU, a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of Transportation and WTS International to encourage young women to pursue careers in transportation. We provide local Transportation YOU programming to middle and high school-aged girls at partner schools in the Boston area, including tours, mentoring activities, career panel discussions, and hands-on activities. Additionally, the Committee participates at Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) events in the community and hosts a one-day Transportation YOU Summit, providing local girls with hands-on activities and interaction with professionals in transportation related careers.

Contact Co-chairs:
Chelsea SadlerVHB
Sarah Kim, STV