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Waterfront Alliance - Waterfront Conference

The region’s premier forum exploring the challenges of and solutions to climate change, sustaining a strong maritime industry and regional economy, equitable access at our waterfronts and to our shared waterways, and a healthier open-space environment will be held on Monday, May 8.  

Nowhere else do 500+ members of the environmental, real estate, design, maritime, government, and engineering sectors come together for shared learning and engaged discussion. Since 2008, this vibrant event produced by Waterfront Alliance has held more than 150 panels and discussions between decision makers that have changed policy and laws, and had critical impact, such as the eventual establishment of five-borough ferry service for New York City.

In 2023, the Waterfront Conference will explore some of the largest resilience engineering projects in and around New York Harbor, offer panels on developments and trends in the offshore wind industry, and engage on major topics in the ports and maritime industry. Waterfront Alliance convenes a unique cross-section of professionals working on projects near and on the water including the A/E/C community, major city and state agencies on both sides of the Hudson, and the commercial real estate community. Contact David Ezer, CMP at 212.935.9831 or [email protected].

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Mileage Based User Fee Pilot Announcement


Did you know that a fuel tax you pay at the pump is largely responsible for funding a well-functioning transportation system that gets you to where you need to go, delivers packages to your door, and keeps groceries on the shelves? But as vehicles go farther on less fuel and some stop using any fuel at all, it becomes harder to maintain our aging transportation system.

The Eastern Transportation Coalition, a partnership of 17 states and Washington D.C., needs your help to explore an alternative approach, called a Mileage-Based User Fee (MBUF), which means each driver pays for the miles they drive instead of the fuel they buy.

To better understand how a Mileage-Based User Fee program could work, the Coalition is conducting a Pilot Program in New Jersey and they want you to join and tell them what you think! It is free to participate, and there are strict privacy protection measures to safeguard your data. Here’s how to join the Pilot in four easy steps:

  1. Enroll - Fill out the enrollment form by clicking the link on the website.
  2. Insert - Plug a small device into your vehicle to record mileage.
  3. Drive - Then drive as you normally do.
  4. Return - After a few months, mail back the device.

*These steps may vary depending on the mileage-reporting option selected.

Your voice is important, so visit NewJerseyMBUFpilot.com to learn more and enroll. Participants who qualify can receive up to $100. Have questions? Contact a Pilot team member at 609-293-7800 or [email protected].