About Us

WTS SC 2022-2023 Board

WTS is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to excellence in transportation through the achievement and success of women. WTS was founded in 1977 by a group of pioneering women in transportation who realized that women’s careers would benefit from professional development, encouragement and recognition to support their advancement in transportation professions. Now, after more than 45 years of growth and development, WTS is an international organization with more than 8,500 members (including women and men) and connected to a network of 40,000 transportation professionals.

Our South Carolina Chapter was ratified on September 17, 2019 and is comprised of a Board of Directors with 9 board members who are excited to bring the benefits of WTS to the transportation industry across the State.  We also have 8 supporting committees with 30 member volunteers that help us develop and implement all of the fantastic events, workshops and programs that we offer each year.

Our chapter goals and objectives align with the WTS International Strategic Plan to create (1) Organizational Excellence, (2) Member & Organization Engagement, (3) Access, Equity and Opportunity, (4) Education, Programming, Training & Advocacy, (5) Data-Informed decision making that keeps us agile and relevant.  The WTS SC chapter conducts a strategic planning retreat each year with our board and committee chairs to develop priorities, goals and plans for the upcoming year.  We have also established some long range priorities which will drive our planning each year:

WTS SC 2021-2026 Strategic Priorities

  • Implement a strategic communications plan to clearly communicate the value of our organization.
  • Leverage WTS International & WTS Foundation benefits to expand their value to our members and our students.
  • Develop strategies, procedures, organizational structure and volunteers for succession planning and organizational sustainability.
  • Engage with a diverse variety of transportation professions and modes to increase impact across the industry.
  • Increase leadership growth opportunities that focus on building a diverse leadership pipeline for the transportation industry.
  • Create more opportunities for member engagement that strengthens member connections and networks.
  • Intentionality in offering benefits attractive to members and prospective members across all transportation disciplines, modes, gender, ethnicity and career levels.  
  • Collect data and feedback from members, sponsors, partners and other collaborators to improve our offerings and measure our performance.
  • Develop a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) engagement program to increase their access to the WTS organization and industry.
  • Develop Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives through the formation of a WTS SC Chapter DE&I committee.
  • Develop a mentorship program for members and consider engaging sponsors in this program to provide a diverse range of mentors.
  • Support women owned and small businesses through development of an Entrepreneur Program.
  • Be a leading voice of influence in the state of transportation by identifying and promoting board and commission leadership roles for women to engage in transportation policy development.

Our chapter and these mission centered initiatives would not be possible without the support of our corporate sponsors and public sector partners.  If your organization wants to help drive engagement, leadership and educational opportunities for women in transportation, you can do so by becoming a WTS South Carolina Sponsor.

For more information, contact Katie Meyers, Sponsorship Committee Chair at 803.978.1600.