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WTS SD 2022 Award Winners

About the WTS San Diego Awards

Each year, WTS San Diego County honors excellence and achievement in the transportation industry. We exist to celebrate the individuals who have achieved excellence in their careers through outstanding contributions to our transportation community. We also recognize remarkable transportation projects that help achieve regional goals by delivering effective and innovative transportation solutions. We recognize individuals and projects in our industry with the following awards: 

Honorable Ray LaHood Award: The Ray LaHood Award was created to recognize a man who is not only a leader in transportation, but who has also actively led and demonstrate by example his commitment to advance the mission, ideals and values of WTS and has made outstanding contributions toward the advancement of women and minorities. 

Employer of the Year: This award is designed to honor an organization (company, non-profit, association, or government agency) for enhancing the transportation industry through commitment to excellence and quality in products and services and has a track record for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in transportation at all employment levels. 

Member of the Year: This award is designed to honor a WTS San Diego member who has shown extraordinary commitment to the goals and growth of WTS and has promoted the reputation of WTS within the transportation industry.

Woman of the Year: This award is designed to honor a woman who is a leader in transportation and has made an outstanding contribution to the transportation industry. 

Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership: This award honors an organization, company, or person who has shown effort, commitment and initiative in facilitating professional opportunities for women and minorities, promoting diversity and cultural awareness within their organization as well as the transportation industry. 

Innovative Transportation Solutions: This award recognizes innovative solutions on projects or policies where women filled essential personnel and leadership positions. The goal of this award is to raise the visibility of innovation and creativity while improving the quality of life for users and communities in San Diego County. 

Alternative Modes & Active Transportation: This award honors any project embracing innovative, alternative solutions, projects, or policies where women filled essential personnel and leadership positions.  

Technology for Transportation: This award recognizes any project or service that embraces new technological solutions for shaping our future transportation system and where women filled essential personnel and leadership positions. 

Pursuit of Excellence: This award recognizes an emerging woman leader with 5 to 15 years of transportation-related experience.