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Welcome to the WTS Philadelphia Chapter!

Since 1979, WTS Philadelphia has focused on promoting the advancement of women and men in the local transportation industry.

You may have heard the story of how the Women’s Transportation Seminar got started.  Women were discouraged from participating in professional associations – unless the activities were deemed educational.  So a group of pioneers whipped up a plan to escape the office – typically during the work day at lunch – under the guise of attending a seminar. I picture it as a sort of Mad Men lunch, with martinis and shrimp cocktail – minus Don Draper. No one suspected a thing. Once there, they did what we do today – they supported each other, forged partnerships, strategized over projects and career moves. Sure, there was a learning component…but there was an even greater emphasis on networking, professional development, and connecting.

Today, the Philadelphia chapter is one of the most vibrant, part of an international organization linking more than 40,000 transportation professionals. The execution might have changed a bit over the years…more fireworks, perhaps…but the goals remain the same.  WTS Philadelphia has a tremendous team working hard to maximize the returns on the investment made in us by our members and sponsors.  We’re glad you are with us on the journey.

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Patti Gibson May
President, WTS Philadelphia