WTS Philadelphia - Gala Board Picture

WTS Philadelphia is one of the most vibrant chapters in an international organization linking more than 40,000 transportation professionals.

The Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) launched in 1977. Working women were discouraged from participating in professional associations – unless the activities were deemed educational.  So a group of pioneers whipped up a plan to escape the office – typically during lunch – under the guise of attending a seminar. The goal: to advance women who worked in all levels of transportation, as well as the very industry itself.  Sure, there was a learning component…but there was an even greater emphasis on forging connections. WTS Philadelphia emerged two years later on June 21, 1979.

The chapter was founded by 12 local women:
  • Shirley B. Ackert
  • Joyce A. Campbell
  • Brenda T. Conway
  • Jean M. Corriveau
  • Karen Hardaker
  • Barbara Thomas Harder
  • Mary E. Mead
  • Susan L Neyhart
  • Janice Rubie
  • Linda E. Saris
  • Anne E. Treadway
  • Patricia M. Vrabel

Over the decades, the chapter grew steadily, attracting women and men throughout the five-county Delaware Valley Region. WTS Philadelphia built a reputation for delivering superior networking opportunities, cutting edge programs, and relevant professional development sessions.  Today it has more than 60 corporate and agency partners and over 300 members.

The execution might have changed a bit over the years…but the goals remain the same – advancing women and advancing transportation.

Chapter Highlights:
  • 1979 Founding Year
  • 1980 Incorporation Year
  • 1981 Hosted National Conference
  • 1989 Tenth Anniversary Celebration
  • 1995 Hosted National Conference
  • 1996 Initiated "WTS on the Road" to increase chapter prominence
  • 1999 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • 2003 Introduced Mentoring Program
  • 2011 Transportation YOU program initiated
  • 2013 Hosted National Conference
  • 2017 Executive Women's Roundtable Established
  • 2017 First Transportation Seminar held in conjunction with Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • 2018 Second Transportation Seminar held in conjunction with Central PA and Pittsburgh Chapters
  • 2019 40th Anniversary Celebration
  • 2019 First Golf Outing held
  • 2023 Ally & Inclusion Scholarship established
  • 2024 45th Anniversary Celebration