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WTS Michigan was founded in 1998 to support the advancement of women in Michigan's transportation industry. The Michigan Chapter is a dynamic and interdisciplinary group of professionals committed to transforming the transportation industry through the advancement of women. We pride ourselves on providing high‐quality programs and networking and leadership opportunities. In addition, our local chapter offers one of the strongest WTS scholarship and mentoring programs in the country. We actively support our future colleagues and introduce students to a broad variety of transportation‐related careers. 

Communications - Stay Connected

In 2021, we began using WTSMichigan@WTSInternational.org as our address for all chapter communications.  If you stopped receiving communications from us, adjust your security settings. We use your WTS registration for contact information, so please keep your info up to date. If you haven't registered, please do so you don't miss anything.

We also use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to post timely updates. Look for WTSMichigan and FOLLOW US!