Young Professional Mentoring Program

The Baltimore chapter’s Annual Young Mentoring Program is designed to connect women experienced in transportation careers with less experienced professionals in the industry. The goal of the program is to foster mentoring relationships where WTS members have access to the tools and support systems needed to achieve professional success.

Typically, the program is held between the months of October and June. During the fall kickoff meeting, Mentees and Mentors are paired through a fun, interactive exercise. Mentors and Mentees connect individually and as a group through structured and unstructured interactions. Unstructured interactions are done at times convenient for the Mentor and Mentee. Structured interactions include participation in a series of monthly professional and social events sponsored by the program.

Applications are now available for the 2022-2023 WTS Young Mentor Program. This is a great opportunity for those looking for personal and professional development through a mentor/mentee relationship. For any questions regarding the Mentoring Program or for program application materials, please contact the WTS Baltimore Mentoring committee at WTSbaltimorementoring@gmail.com.


2021/2022 WTS Baltimore Annual Mentoring Program | Kickoff Event



Next Level Leadership

Calling all leaders! We are encouraging transportation leaders to apply to the Next Level Leadership program.

The Next Level Leadership Program seeks to prepare mid-level to senior professional women to lead the future of the transportation industry by furthering their professional development and providing essential project and people management skills, ultimately supporting the advancement for all in the transportation industry and those who use it. 
Applications are now available for the 2022-2023 Next Level Program.

Next Level Info


Past Experiences

“The WTS Mentoring Program provided me with the opportunity to meet women with diverse backgrounds and experiences and to interact in a safe and open environment. Through activities in the program and conversations with my mentor, I was encouraged to focus on my career goals and to develop meaningful relationships with others. Although it’s been two years since my time in the program, I continue to check in with my mentor to seek advice and to share my accomplishments. "
Christine Sukowski, RK&K
Mentoring Class of 2016

“The WTS mentorship program gave me a new perspective on the transportation industry. It was great to get one on one career advice from women who have successfully navigated their careers in the transportation industry. Through this experience I learned how to address work conflicts, approach salary negotiations, and keep work life balance. This experience was extremely valuable, and I would highly recommend it to any young professionals."
Kyra Swisher, AECOM
Mentoring Class of 2017

I have always been passionate about mentorship. So, when I joined WTS Baltimore, I thought applying for the mentorship program would be the best way to get to know other members, learn from them and build relationships. I enjoyed the program and all the events they had planned for us. I got to build a friendship with my mentor, and it has been beneficial to this day. One of the things I enjoyed the most about the program was that it gave us space to get to know other mentors and mentees. I got to learn from my cohort and build relationships.”
Ines Nizeye, Tindale Oliver
Mentoring Class of 2019-2020