Past Scholarship Recipients

WTS-DC is proud to celebrate our past WTS-DC Scholarship Recipients:


  • PhD: Fatemeh Alimardani, University of Maryland, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Scholarship Sponsored by Dewberry) 
  • PhD: Shihan Lin, University of Maryland, Transportation  
  • PhD: Yi-Ting Lin, University of Maryland, Traffic Control and Safety (Scholarship Sponsored by WSP) 
  • Masters: Jennifer Hopkins, Salisbury University, GIS Management 
  • Masters: Karen Armendariz, George Washington University, Sustainable Urban Planning
  • Masters: Laura Castro, Virginia Tech, Urban and Regional Planning 
  • Masters: Rachel Redmond, Georgetown University, Urban and Regional Planning  
  • Undergraduate: Jada-Mercy Ayebae, University of Maryland, Civil Engineering (Scholarship Sponsored by Kimley-Horn) 
  • Undergraduate: Lilia Yousefian, University of Maryland, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Scholarship Sponsored by North American Transit Alliance) 
  • Undergraduate: Rachel Smith, George Mason University, Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering (Scholarship Sponsored by HDR) 
  • Undergraduate: Yassmine Khiri, Howard University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Junior College: Samantha Dixon, Northern Virginia Community College, GIS Certificate


  • PhD: Nneoma Ugwu, University of Maryland, Civil Engineering (Scholarship Sponsored by HDR)
  • PhD: Sara Zahedian, University of Maryland, Transportation (Scholarship Sponsored by WSP)
  • PhD: Sanaz Aliari, University of Maryland, Transportation Engineering
  • Masters: Abigail Wolfgram, George Mason University, Public Policy
  • Masters: Andrea Adibe, George Washington University Law School, Business and Finance
  • Masters: Kyla Elzinga, George Mason University, Transportation Policy, Operations, and Logistics
  • Masters: Marta Woldu, University of Maryland, Community Planning
  • Undergraduate: Jhanelle Davy, Howard University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Undergraduate: Nicole Russo, University of Maryland, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Scholarship Sponsored by Dewberry) 


  • PhD: Yixuan Pan, University of Maryland (Scholarship Sponsored by WTS-DC Board Advisors) 
  • PhD: Binya Zhang, University of Maryland (Scholarship Sponsored by HDR)
  • Undergraduate: Apple Loveless, Goerge Mason University (Scholarship Sponsored by Kimley-Horn)
  • Undergraduate: Emilda Gwerengwe, Howard University (Scholarship Sponsored by Dewberry)
  • Undergraduate: Christina Brown, The Catholic University of America (Scholarshop Sponsored by WSP)


  • PhD: Mahtot Gebresselassie, Virginia Tech National Capital Region
  • PhD: Wenjie Lee, George Mason University
  • Masters: Elizabeth Larson, George Mason University
  • Masters: Kiana Roshan Zamir, University of Maryland
  • Masters: Tabia Gamble, University of Maryland 
  • Undergraduate: Shivani Patel, University of Maryland


  • PhD: Elham Shayanfar, University of Maryland
  • Masters: Caitlin Boyle, Catholic University of America
  • Masters: Jennifer Hopkins, University of Maryland
  • Masters: Sofie Rhoads, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Melissa Rossi, George Mason University
  • Undergraduate: Jill Smith, University of Maryland


  • PhD: Yeming Hao, University of Maryland
  • PhD: Bridget Lewis, George Mason University
  • Masters: Rachel Lesniak, Georgetown University
  • Undergraduate: Edna Aguilar, George Washington University
  • Undergraduate: Elena Studier, George Washington University
  • Undergraduate: Nicole Wilson, University of Maryland


  • PhD: Jeong Yun Kweun, George Mason University
  • PhD: Jina Mahmoudi, University of Maryland
  • Masters: Paquilla Jones, Howard University
  • Undergraduate: Maya Lieber, University of Maryland


  • PhD: Andrea Hamre, Virginia Tech National Capital Region
  • PhD: Eirini Kastrouni, University of Maryland
  • Masters: Daniela Barragan, George Mason University
  • Undergraduate: Emily Porter, The George Washington University


  • Graduate: Mersedeh Tariverdi, University of Maryland
  • Graduate: Angela Martinez, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Casey Bessell, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Terasa Vassallo, The George Washington University


  • Graduate: Kleoniki Vlachou, University of Maryland
  • Graduate: Jiranee Carr Elter, George Mason University
  • Undergraduate: Genna Gold, University of Maryland 


  • Graduate: Elham Sharifi, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Viona Miller, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Claire Silverstein, The George Washington University


  • Graduate: Elizabeth Moreton, Virginia Tech National Capital Region
  • Graduate Honorable Mention: Renting Xu, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Edna Ezell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Masters Co-winner: Casey Morgan, George Mason University
  • Masters Co-winner: Lilly Shoup, University of Maryland
  • PhD Winner: Woon Kim, University of Maryland
  • Honorable Mention: Chao Liu, University of Maryland
  • Honorable Mention: Renting Xu, University of Maryland
  • Honorable Mention: Shenaye' Holmes, University of the District of Columbia


  • Graduate: Carolina Burnier, University of Maryland
  • Graduate Runner-up: Dina Ribbink, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Shirley Penaloza, The George Washington University


  • Graduate: Sevgi Erdogan, University of Maryland
  • Graduate: Tanga FitzGibbon, American University
  • Undergraduate: Alexandria McBride, Howard University


  • Graduate: Elham Sahraei Esfahani, The George Washington University
  • Graduate: Ying Liu, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Samantha A. Williams, Howard University


  • Graduate: Lichun "Lisa" Chen, University of Maryland
  • Graduate Runner-up: Jing Dong, University of Maryland
  • Graduate Runner-up: Stacy Eisenman, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Gulsah Akar, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Sara Delmonico, The Catholic University of America


  • Graduate: Colleen Mitchell, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Colleen Hellman, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Adriana Rossiter, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Alice Ryan, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Tina Gupta, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Jennifer Lee, Virginia Polytechnic Institute


  • Graduate: Motoko Shimizu, George Mason University
  • Undergraduate: Nicole Boone, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Soojung Jung, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Melanie Calabria, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Ann Brennan, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Prachee Vivek Date, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Susan R. Flicop, University of Maryland
  • Undergraduate: Kathleen M. Rhoads, University of Maryland


  • Graduate: Samara Weinstein, The George Washington University


  • Undergraduate: Becky Shulz, The George Washington University
  • Undergraduate: Elaine Saunders, University of Maryland


  • Undergraduate: Anne N. Dratch,  George Washington University
  • Undergraduate: Christine M. Orzechowski, University of Maryland