Mentoring Program

Leading Across Generations
The 2019 Mentoring Program participating in a "Leading Across Generations" Professional Development Program.

The 2022 Mentoring Program

The WTS-DC mentoring program is now accepting applications for 2022. Each year the WTS-DC mentoring program creates partnerships between mentors and mentees where they exchange knowledge, skills, experiences, and expertise to support personal and professional growth and development. An effective mentoring relationship benefits both the mentor and the mentee. Applications are now available and are due FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2022.

 Click here for the 2022 Mentoring Program flyer. For more information, please contact Mentoring Co-Chairs Lindsey Robertson Lentz and Ruochang Huang at WTSDCMentoring@gmail.com.


Click here to apply to be a 2022 mentee!

Click here to apply to be a 2022 mentor! 

Benefits of Participating in WTS-DC’s Mentoring Program

For Mentees:

  • Growth: Seek opportunities to grow professionally especially in specific capabilities
  • Information: Gain access to the knowledge and wisdom of experienced leaders
  • Networking: Learn how to create opportunities for networking
  • Confidence Building: Encourage curiosity and build confidence by being exposed to new ideas, opportunities, and challenges
  • Support: Stimulate growth and enhance achievement by gaining an open and supportive environment
  • Goal Setting: Define and attain personal and professional goals
  • Advice: Obtain advice in reaching academic, career, and personal goals
  • Role Model: Gain access to experts and pioneers who have changed the transportation industry

For Mentors:

  • Development: Provides development opportunities and enhances leadership and management skills
  • Growth: Seek opportunities to grow professionally and improve your performance—view your performance through an outsider’s perspective
  • Strength: Contributes to the strengthening of the transportation community and future women leaders
  • Information: Learn the viewpoints of women from different backgrounds and generations
  • Role Model: Become a role model to an up and coming professional, and give back to the industry
How the Program Works

The program will kick off in April and consists of regular events (panel discussions or speaker presentations) for all mentees and mentors, happy hour events for informal networking, and one-on-one meetings between assigned mentees and mentors. The WTS-DC Mentoring Committee will select mentors and mentees to work together, but it will be the responsibility of mentees and mentors to define and build their professional relationships.

Who Should Apply

For Mentees:

  • You are a junior to mid-level professional
  • You are interested in your professional and personal growth
  • You are open to feedback and coaching
  • You have a strong desire to enhance your professional development
  • You are able to have a call with your mentor once a month
  • You attend at least 2 of the 3 regular events
  • You are a WTS-DC member
  • You are willing to become a board member or volunteer for a WTS committee the following year

For Mentors:

  • You are a mid-level to senior professional
  • You are willing to guide others by offering your professional perspectives
  • You have a genuine interest in the mentee’s success
  • You have a desire to practice and improve your coaching and leadership skills
  • You are able to have a call with your mentee once a month
2019 Mentor Program participants at an informal happy hour meeting. 
Expectations and General Timeline

The program will consist of several formal and informal group meetings throughout the year, with one event scheduled per month. We will conduct all 2022 program activities via Zoom until we can meet again in person. Mentors and mentees will be responsible for meeting at least once a month on their own during the program, with mentees taking the initiative to schedule conversations. Program participants are expected to participate fully in this initiative by attending most formal events and provide feedback to WTS-DC about their experiences.




We are now accepting applications for both mentors and mentees to our 2022 program. The WTS-DC Mentoring Committee will review the applications and accept up to 15 mentors and 15 mentees. The selection team will consider the clarity of the application and the applicant’s ability to articulate their goals for the program. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

 If you have any questions or want more information, please contact the Mentoring Committee at WTSDCMentoring@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you this year!