Committee Chairs

Chair: Alexis Williams, AICP, PP (STV)
Vice Chair: Darcy Veneziale, CPSM (The Lighting Practice)
Committee Members: Kim Dean (DVRPC), Maxime Damis (JMT), Matt Frantz (PROMATECH, Inc.), Elyse Conti (Traffic Planning & Design, Inc.), Danielle Kauffman (Traffic Planning & Design, Inc.)

MarCom will operate similar to a news bureau and will be responsible for disseminating all Chapter news via various channels, including social media, website, newsletters, e-blasts, press releases, etc.  The committee coordinates and oversees the design, editing, and production of Chapter publications.  It is also responsible for graphic design, photography, advertising, promotion, and event coverage.

Jaclyn Whelan, PE (AECOM)
Vice Chair: Nicole Carey, E.I.T. (Langan)
Committee Members: Stephanie Sperber (JMT)

Corporate Sponsorship builds and maintains relationships with the Chapter's corporate sponsors and Agency Partners.  The committee solicits annual donations to the Chapter and assists with other special fundraising initiatives as needed.  The committee also maintains all sponsor information, including company names, contacts, logos, and designated members.  It is responsible for monitoring sponsor benefits, providing monthly spotlight articles for the Chapter's communication channels, and creating the PowerPoint presentations for monthly programs and the Awards Dinner.

Assunta Daprano (AECOM), Cory Wyffels (WSP)
Vice Chair: Christine Baker (DRJTBC)

Diversity and Inclusion promotes diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the Chapter by supporting the advancement of women and minorities in transportation. This includes creating enhanced opportunities for Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBEs) to network and team with Primes, as well as elevating the overall level of consciousness as related to the Chapter's operation, outreach, and business function, and developing diversity and inclusion programs related to the Chapter's membership.

Chair: Amber Reimnitz, PMP (Michael Baker)
Vice Chair: Lindsey Graham (HNTB)

Membership is responsible for recruiting new members, fostering relationships with existing members, and educating the Chapter's supporters as to the benefits of WTS.

Alyssa May, PE (Rybinski Engineering), Nicole Khan (KMA Consulting Engineers, Inc.), AnneMarie Vigilante, PE (Langan), and Briana Earle, PE (Langan)
Vice Chair: Megan Rosica (Jacobs)

PhilaLink enhances the Chapter by encouraging stronger connections with northern Delaware, southern New Jersey, and the Lehigh Valley.  This committee was created to bridge the gap and expand existing programs into these areas.  PhilaLink identifies opportunities where the Chapter can deliver its services to a broader pool of members, sponsors, and agency representatives.

Kelly Freeman, RA, LEED AP (Sowinski Sullivan)
Vice Chair, Learn from a Leader Series: Raquel Donahue, PE (McCormick Taylor)
Vice Chair, TECHnique: Lee Wolfe, PE (TranSystems)

Professional Development's emphasis is on learning, discussion, and collaboration.  It develops, organizes, and facilitates special monthly sessions to engage and educate members on a myriad of transportation and career-oriented topics.  The committee continues to improve the Chapter's mentoring program by aligning senior industry champions with those new to the business.  Also, in its second year, the Learn from a Leader Series offers audiences a glimpse into the personal stories and experiences of colleagues in our field.  Other special programs, such as our famous Ladies' Golf Clinic, also fall under the jurisdiction of Professional Development.

 Sharon Jean-Baptiste, PE (Jacobs), Eileen Della Volle (KS Engineers), Nick McLaughlin, PE (C&S Engineers), Devonne Jackson, PE (Burns Engineering, Inc.), Christina Arlt, AICP (McCormick Taylor)
Vice Chair: Caitlin Gallagher, PE (JMT)

The Programs Council is a senior-level group of professionals, experts in their fields, tasked with planning keynote events related to intermodal transportation topics.  Focus is heavily placed on content and impact.  Programs have always been the backbone of WTS Philadelphia, as we strive to provide optimal networking opportunities with relevant speakers on timely topics.

Irene Eells, PE (JMT)
Vice Chair: Emily Bakaj (LTK)

Awards plan the annual Awards Dinner, the Chapter's largest event.  The committee solicits nominations in several categories, such as:

  • Philadelphia Award 

  • WTS Philadelphia Member of the Year Award

  • Woman of the Year Award

  • Employer of the Year Award

  • Diversity Award

  • Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

This committee is responsible for promoting and publicizing this event, and is expected to coordinate with many of the other Chapter committees and the Executive Board.

Helene Brennan, PE, LEED AP BD+C, EnvSP, PMP (STV)
Vice Chairs, TrYOU: Danielle Schroeder (Pennoni), Andrea Carberry (Rybinski Engineering)
Vice Chair, Scholarship: Eva Hayes (City of Philadelphia, Streets Department)
Vice Chair, Student Chapter: Shakeyia Kersey (Naik Group), Faye Majekodunmi, PE (Gannet Fleming)

The Philadelphia Chapter has consolidated all of its student-related initiatives under the umbrella of one central committee - Student Outreach.  This will allow greater continuity in the execution of the Chapter's efforts to stimulate interest in transportation-related careers.

TrYOU: The committee is responsible for developing and implementing the Chapter's Transportation You program.  This program is designed to introduce girls between the ages of 13 and 18 to careers in transportation, focused mainly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Scholarship: WTS Philadelphia awards scholarships to women from high school to graduate school who are interested in pursuing careers in transportation.  The scholarships are competitive and based on the applicant's specific transportation goals, academic record, transportation-related activities, and other relevant skills.  Scholarships include: Carmen E. Turner Graduate Scholarship, Sylvia Aston Graduate Scholarship, Suzanne Axworthy Undergraduate Scholarship, and the Transportation You High School Senior Scholarship.  Other awards may be granted at the discretion of the Chapter.

Student Chapter: WTS Philadelphia recently established a college-based community that focuses on advancing women in transportation through building networking skills, fostering professional development, and refining leadership skills.  Student Chapter events provide supplemental education about the professional practice of transportation-related work by inviting distinguished lecturers, hosting leadership training events, and offering student mentoring and networking opportunities.  The Student Chapter is open to female students attending college in the Philadelphia region.

Chair: Kim Waters, PE (JMT)
Vice Chairs: Jennifer Walsh, PE (HDR), Jennifer Laning, PE (Pennoni Associates), Colleen Nauss, PE (Jacobs)

Emerging Leaders was created as a forum for women in the early stages of their transportation careers.  And by transportation careers - we mean everyone - engineers, planners, researchers, marketing gurus, admin queens, financial wizards, architects, construction managers, train conductors, construction manager, etc.  Diversity adds spice to this recipe!  The group will meet monthly to explore solutions and strategies to enhance professional and personal development.  Tis open to members and non-members (who we hope will be members!).  Please contact Kim Waters with any questions.

Co-Chairs: Kirsten Brown (Urban Engineers) and Andy Cushman (Grant Facility Management)
Vice Chairs: Robin Gibson (City of Philadelphia, PHL), Anna Hooven, PE (SEPTA), Samantha Safara (HDR), Nick Ryan (RS&H)
Committee: Katrina Lawrence, Desarie Hammond-Jones, Nicole Johnson, David Slaw, Colleen O'Neil, Kiera Crenny, Al Beatty
Golf Committee: Caitlin Gallagher, Christine Baker, Eva Hayes, Linell Homentosky, Annemarie Byrnes, Irene Eells, Nicole Johnson, David Slaw, Colleen O'Neil, Alex Charlton

Special Projects is focused on strategic partnership initiatives, technical skill building, volunteer initiation, community involvement, outreach, and promotion of the Chapter.  Assignments are short-term and long-term, and require those EXTRA-creative juices.

Chair: Jasmine Narcisse (Jacobs)
Vice Chair: Kiera Crenny (WRA)

The Executive Women's Roundtable is based on a similar WTS International initiative.  It targets senior-level women working in the transportation industry and will focus on issues of concern and ideas for improvement.

Co-Chairs: Megan Syrnick, PE (Pennoni); Annemarie Byrnes, PMP
Committee: Tummona Fisher, Karen Gelman, Carol Martsolf, Donna Powell, Carol Rose, Anna Lynn Smith

In order to formally recognize the collective knowledge and expertise of past leaders, the PPC was created as a resource for the Chapter's executive team and overall board.  The PPC will provide advisory support as related to intermodal transportation and the advancement of women in the profession.  It will assist with outreach initiatives that elevate and enhance the reputation of the Chapter.  The PPC will also work to cultivate the Chapter's relationships with strategic partners and elected officials.  As the name suggests, this group is open only to past presidents of the Chapter.

WTS International - Regional Representative 
Carol Rose, PMP (STV)