About Us

The Northeast Ohio Chapter was started to build a support network to advance women in the field of transportation. We started this journey in 2007 with the help of Erica Witzke (Columbus Chapter) presenting to a group of nearly 50 people that shared the same vision and desire for professional development, mentoring and leadership.

The Chapter was ratified on March 1, 2008 at the WTSI Board Meeting in Orlando, FL. Kirsten Bowen and Amilyn Cedergreen attended. While the first couple of years experienced slow growth, the Chapter membership doubled after the first ODOT District Deputy Director event and continued to grow with the support of our corporate sponsors and public partners.

No one could have imagined the success that the Chapter has had over the course of the last 10 years and the network of transportation professionals that we have built.

We thank all of the founding members and the first board for laying the foundation for success.

Original Founding Member Statistics
  • Founding Board: Kirsten Bowen. Amilyn Cedergreen Haas, Michelle Johnson, Aimee Barcza & Leanne Exum
  • Additional Founding Members in 2008: Betty Dukes, Debra White, Tracey Jones, Courtney Lepene, Matt Schmidt, Al Biehl, Amy White, Jeff Limpert
  • 2009 Member Additions: Joanne Shaner, Nichole English, Jim Shea, Jean Anderson, Rick Rockich, and Kim Guice
  • Original Directors: Maribeth Feke, Bonnie Teeuwen
  • Original Committee Chairs: Lori Birshbach-Tober, Nichole English, Betty Dukes, Amy White and Angela Sanchez