Student Chapter

WTS NC Triangle Student Chapter is a college-based student community that focuses on advancing women in transportation by building networking skills, fostering professional development, and refining leadership skills. Through professional workshops, mentoring programs, networking opportunities, and social events, we support and connect students’ personal and professional growth while providing education about the professional practice of transportation-related work. The Student Chapter is open to any students attending universities in the Triangle region who are interested in the field of transportation.

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WTS NC Triangle Student Chapter Officers

President - Lindsey Dorn
Vice President and Marketing Coordinator - Jordyn Brown
Secretary - Elizabeth Dogbe

Treasurer - Leanna Yost

Connect with us!

[email protected]
Instagram - @wts_ncsu

Past Events

Mentor Program with WTS Professionals, Spring 2021
Using Big Data to Understand Pandemic Impact in North Carolina by Professor Noreen McDonald, 3/24/21
Intelligent Transportation Systems by Exult Engineering, 10/29/20
Career Fair Preparation with WTS Professionals, 9/9/20