WTS Cal Poly Pomona

WTS Cal Poly Pomona (WTS-CPP) is a student chapter that aims to bring confidence, education, leadership, and empowerment to women at all levels of the transportation industry. Our main focus is to teach students the benefits of WTS and how being involved in their local chapter will provide them with immense knowledge, opportunities, and friendships in their future careers. Students have the opportunity to network at conferences and professional meetings, outreach to high school students, and build technical skills through workshops.

WTS-CPP Chapter Board

  • President: Andrea Hernandez
  • VP External: Sherye Oulee
  • VP Internal: Marianela Ramirez
  • Secretary: Jaafar Aldahawi
  • Treasurer: Kiernan McCloske
  • Events Coordinator: Melina Rezvan
  • Publicity Chair: Katy Lin