Membership Benefits

In support of its mission to transform the transportation industry through the advancement of women, WTS helps women find opportunity and recognition in the transportation industry through professional activities, networking opportunities, education and research.  Members of WTS International receive the following benefits:


WTS provides networking opportunities to the highest levels of the transportation industry through monthly program events, thought-provoking speakers and interaction with WTS members, many of whom are top leaders in the industry. Each member is provided with the highly coveted membership directory, a powerful career tool giving each member access to other WTS professionals. In addition, members have access to the WTS professional networking site called TransPortal, where they can participate in a variety of different discussions, collaborate on projects and engage in dialogue with other members.

Professional Development

WTS offers a diverse mix of contacts within and across transportation sectors, educational and career-focused guidance and preparation, and access to the WTS International Career Center, the premier electronic recruitment resource for positions tailored to the transportation industry. In addition, each year WTS selects 14 mid-career members to participant in its prestigious Leadership Training Program. The training offers interaction with leading industry professionals, and challenge their analytical and creative skills. Program leaders mentor participants in tackling case studies and exercises dealing with complex transportation issues of people, policies and politics.

WTS Knowledge Lab

The Knowledge Lab is a members-only portal to documents, videos, transcripts, and other resources that offer career and industry content. This information is curated specifically for the WTS membership, searchable by topic, mode, career level, job discipline, event, and more. The WTS Knowledge Lab is an additional value for members, intended to supplement live networking and industry events with searchable whitepapers, video recordings of panel discussions, and more!

If you are a WTS member, log in to TransPortal and click the WTS Knowledge Lab button.


WTS offers exceptional opportunities in education including leadership training, scholarship and fellowship opportunities, distinguished speakers and access to exclusive tools. WTS fosters communication and collaboration to give members valuable exposure to critical and timely transportation issues.


WTS chapters offer successful mentoring programs to chapter members, developed to benefit both the mentor as well as the mentee. Benefits for the mentor include sharing career success stories with future women leaders, building long-term relationships, and giving back to an industry that needs to hear and remember these stories. Mentees gain the knowledge and wisdom from the women pioneers who blazed the path before them. WTS also offers a variety of networking events with other mentor teams.