Who We Are

The WTS San Francisco Bay Area chapter was founded in 1981 as a chapter of WTS International. We have grown to a community of 300-plus members, 25 corporate partners, and four agency partners, as well as several hundred professionals in the region who benefit from the programs and events that we offer.

WTS San Francisco Bay Area was the first chapter to create a committee, the Glass Ceiling Task Force, dedicated to exploring women’s professional status in our local transportation community. The Glass Ceiling Task Force evaluates the advancement of women in the Bay Area transportation industry and recommends best practices for improving women’s development in the workplace. We were also the first chapter to establish structured mentoring programs and our flagship Women's Leadership Program for members. Today, these programs have become our most popular and acclaimed offerings with over 300 alumnae and many success stories of women advancing in their career as a direct result of those programs.

While progress has been made in advancing women’s positions in the transportation industry, we recognize that more must be done to fulfill our mission. Our chapter strives to provide a wide range of professional development skills and tools relevant to women as they progress through the various stages of their careers. This includes introducing young girls and women to the industry, as well as providing learning and training opportunities for women entering the transportation workforce and those already established in it.