Jane Morris Mentorship Program

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This year the mentorship program is focused on three aspects of professional development: networking, self-advocacy & career leadership. The WTS Mentorship Program encourages individual career development and personal growth; and enhances confidence levels. Both mentors and mentees will increase their professional and technical skills based on one-on-one relationships where information is exchanged and experiences are shared.

Whether you are more established in your career and looking to join in mentoring the next generation of transportation professionals or are newer to the industry and looking to prepare yourself for that next step in your career, we invite you to apply by March 31st here



       Access to a brain trust of mentors and hands-on application in lieu of monthly reporting

       Increased confidence, applicable skills development, and increase credibility within your organization

       Flexibility to adjust your professional development goals to match the changes in your project, job, company

       Autonomy to complete the program requirements at your own pace



       Mentees are also expected to complete specific criteria including:

         ○    Attend and participate in monthly meetings

         ○    Meet with mentors

         ○    Conduct at least two Title Tours

         ○    Complete a personal project of your choosing

         ○    Participate in the recognition program

       Mentors are also expected to complete specific criteria including:

         ○    Present/lead a facilitated discussion on a topic of their choosing that aligns with the program mission

         ○    Meet with mentees

         ○    Host mentees for Title Tours

         ○    Share their professional network when appropriate

         ○    Participate in the recognition program


2022 Program Schedule & Duration

March 1-31 Application Process FOR MENTEES & MENTORS

April 19, 7:30-9:00AM

May 17, 7:30-9:00AM

June 21, 7:30-9:00AM

July 19, 7:30-9:00AM

August 16, 7:30-9:00AM

September 20, 7:30-9:00AM

October 18, 7:30-9:00AM

November - Mentorship Program Recognition Program, TBD


Program Overview

We are very excited that this year's program is led by the dynamic Maisha Hagan of Beauty & the Boss, LLC. In case you missed it, check out the Q&A with her here


Mentees and mentors will attend and participate in monthly facilitated discussion around a specific topic(s).


There are a variety of roles and titles within the transit and transportation industry. Roles and responsibilities can differ across disciplines and sectors. In order to get a greater understanding of the day-to-day requirements of those roles, mentees will be required to shadow and/or interview at least one technical or management professional in any discipline of their choosing. Mentees have the option of choosing a shadow candidate from the mentor panel or selecting one on their own.


Networking is fundamental to any professional career, however even the most outgoing person can find it intimidating. Networking etiquette such as introductions, speaking to strangers, appropriate follow up, etc. will be applied in a real-world scenario. Mentees will be required to attend at least two (2) networking events, preferably as a mentor’s guest. Mentees will have the option of choosing a host from the mentor panel or selecting one on their own.


Finally, each mentee will complete and submit a personal project which will exercise the tactics and knowledge learned over the course of the program. The mentor panel will review each project and provide critique/feedback.

Mentees can choose from the following options:

  • “Mock” award nomination submission
  • Present an idea, innovation or recommendation (don’t worry - we’ll give you a framework)


A final meeting, celebration and recognition of each program participant.

To apply to contribute as a mentor or a mentee in this year's program, click here



In 2017, our chapter lost one of its staunchest supporters, Jane Morris. Jane served in various leadership roles for the City of Phoenix, including as Director of the Mesa Gateway Airport. Though Jane was a very busy woman, who was always embarking on her next big challenge, she always made time to support WTS and was an advocate for mentoring. Through direct one-on-one mentorship as well as the educational programs she presented, Jane inspired everyone whose life she touched. We dedicated the WTS Mentorship Program in Jane’s honor as a reminder of what true mentorship and leadership inspires.


WTS Mentorship Director

Maisha Christian Hagan, Beauty & the Boss, LLC


(480) 999-9525


WTS Mentorship Coordinator

Samantha Hacker, Valley Metro   


o: 602-495-8242

c: 323-363-8924