WTS Statement Condemning Racial Injustice Against Black Communities

We at WTS International are heartbroken by the tragic killings of George Floyd, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many other Black people who have lost their lives as a result of senseless violence.  As the country responds with empathy and outrage, WTS recognizes the acute discrimination and hardship experienced by the African American and Black community caused by the ongoing systemic racial inequality in the United States.  

WTS International aims to be clear about our goals and intent on being a part of the solution to eliminate racial inequality through our work of making transportation more equitable and accessible. This is a daily and ongoing process, during which we are committed to accountability and embracing feedback from members, local leaders, and partners. As an organization devoted to the professional development of women, we challenge ourselves to expand opportunities for training of both conscious and unconscious bias in our leadership courses, with Board and Chapter leaders, and amongst WTS staff to ensure we are building a welcoming, inclusive, diverse and dynamic space for all people.

Our members advocate for equity and access every day in their workplaces, communities, and industry, to modernize transportation systems, eliminate bias in the workforce, combat environmental injustice, and expand opportunities through transportation for residents and citizens in our society. Our organization understands the power of holding uncomfortable conversations in the pursuit of equity and stands committed to furthering this dialogue with our members, partners, and industry allies. We are listening and learning: please visit the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative page for updates on progress on our commitment.