July WTS Connects – Member Meetup: Professional Session

Times are changing. We are not aging as our mothers and grandmothers did—we are creating a new vision for ourselves that includes nourishment, growth, leadership, and self-care. On July 31st, members are invited to join Dr. Carla Johnston for "Nourishment and Leadership." Let's explore ways to bring foundational shifts to our lives as we traverse years with excitement, curiosity, and vitality!

WTS Connects is a program designed specifically for WTS Members to connect, learn, and discuss with each other around specific leadership content. The WTS Connects has two program options: WTS Connects for Members and WTS Connects for Executives.

The hour-long sessions will include a presentation from renowned speakers and facilitators on topics like leadership, communicating your value, and power of micro-habits, followed by breakout groups for reflection and discussion.