July WTS Connects – A Member Meetup: Executive Session

WTS Executive members are invited to hear from guest speaker Jennifer Ledet on July 17th at 1:00 PM ET. One of the most important qualities of powerful leaders is setting and keeping strong boundaries. And, yet, many high achieving women executives are giving away their power by not maintaining solid boundaries, both in their professional work and in their personal relationships. In this engaging and interactive program, we'll explore both the mindset and strategies needed to build better boundaries so that you can lead with intention and integrity.

WTS Connects is a program designed specifically for WTS Members to connect, learn, and discuss with each other around specific leadership content. The WTS Connects has two program options: WTS Connects for Members and WTS Connects for Executives.

The hour-long sessions will include a presentation from renowned speakers and facilitators on topics like leadership, communicating your value, and power of micro-habits, followed by breakout groups for reflection and discussion.