Leadership Development Program

WTS SAR is currently developing the program for the next cohort of the Leadership Development Program. 

Below is information on the 2022 Leadership Development Program: 

Program goals are:

  • To develop and expand your professional network
  • To grow personally and professionally
  • To benefit from the experience, whether you’re a mentee or a mentor

The major theme for the 2022 program is “strength”: identifying, understanding, and applying your strengths to success at work, live your best possible life, and improve teamwork and collaboration in your professional life and in your community.

The program is not just for people who are new in their careers. It’s also appropriate for professionals who are in the midst of professional transitions, which could be a transition from one job to another, from school to work, from a leave of absence back to the workforce, from one company to another, public to private, and other life transitions.

The program will be a combination of virtual and in-person sessions, and monthly mentor/mentee one-on-one interactions.

Program Expectations: All mentors and mentees need to be able to make a commitment to the eight-month program. This includes meeting for a 2-hour leadership development session each month, and mentors and mentees discussing prompt questions and preparing for the next session on their own time each month. This represents a 24- to 36-hour commitment over the eight-month period. Certificates will be presented to those participating in at least six of the group sessions.

Requirements/Eligibility Criteria: All mentees are required to be a WTS member at the start of the program. If you are not yet a member, there’s still time! Contact one of our Membership Committee leads Kelsey Sconiers at [email protected] or Johanna Torres at [email protected] to learn more about becoming a member. 

For more information, please contact the WTS-SAR Leadership Development Program leaders:

Gretchen Roufs, APR
[email protected]
(210) 601-4572
Jason Rodriguez, AICP
[email protected]
(210) 289-0869