Woman of the Year

Award criteria: 
  1. She is a leader in transportation and has made an outstanding contribution to the transportation industry. 
  2. She has directly contributed toward the advancement of women and minorities through programs or opportunities in the transportation field. 
  3. Career advancements and supports women in the industry that have advanced the reputation and credibility of women in transportation. 


Year     Recipient

2021    Pamela Simon

2020      Erin Aleman

2019       Jennifer 'Sis' Killen

2018       Tanya Adams

2017       Carole Morey

2016       Beth McCluskey

2015       Leanne P. Redden

2014       Rebekah Scheinfeld

2013       Honorable Tammy Duckworth

2012       Kristi Lafleur
               Ann Schneider

2011       Christine Reed

2010      Priscilla Tobias

2009     Janet Attarian

2008     Lori Healey

2007     Rosemarie Andolino

2006    State Representative Julie Hamos