Founded in 1986, the WTS Greater Chicago Chapter strives to promote, encourage and support women in one of the nation's largest transportation hubs. Our original members, many culled from the disbanded women's organization, the Washington Trucking Association, represented both public and private transportation agencies. Because only a small female presence existed in the transportation workforce at that time, many members relied on the support and networking opportunities offered by the Chapter.

Today, the Greater Chicago Chapter is an organization with members representing transit, freight rail, highway and aviation agencies, private consultants, municipalities, academics and students from across Chicagoland. Our monthly programs focus on the diversity within the transportation industry and address issues affecting the Chicago area. We also provide opportunities for professional development throughout the year.

Since its inception, the Greater Chicago Chapter has encouraged students pursuing careers in transportation. Our scholarship fund has provided financial assistance to exceptional students since 1989. 

More than 35 years after its inception, the Greater Chicago Chapter remains committed to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable transportation industry through the global advancement of women. We continued to operate under a specific vision with core values, goals, and guiding principles behind all of its activities and programs.