Rosa Parks Diversity Award

Congratulations to the 2022 Rosa Parks Diversity Award recipient -
Senator Tammy Duckworth


Award criteria: 
  1. The nominee contributes significantly to promoting diversity, inclusion and multi-cultural awareness within their organization, the transportation industry, or in a project or activity that supports the goals and mission of WTS. 
  2. The nominee exhibits extraordinary efforts or initiatives in facilitating professional opportunities for women and minorities.


Year    Recipient

2022    Tammy Duckworth

2021       Duana Love

2020      Janice Thomas

2019       Ardmore Roderick

2018       Michele Howard

2017       Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship

2016       BFF Bikes

2015       IDOT Department of Recruitment & Diversity

2014       Cheri K. Lewis Engineers, LLC

2013       Illinois Tollway ECP Program

2012       Lisa Laws

2011        Regina Webster & Associates

2010       Delano E. Brazil

2009      Michael DeSantiago & Pedro Cevallos-Candau

2008      Smita Shah

2007      Sandi Llano

2006      Deborah Sawyer