Member of the Year

Award criteria: 
  1. The nominee shows commitment to the goals and growth of WTS. 
  2. The nominee promotes the reputation of WTS within the transportation industry. 
  3. The nominee has revitalized or expanded the Chapter or any of its functions. 


Year      Recipient

2021      Mary Lou Kutska

2020       Katie Bell

2019        Lora Supencheck

2018        Mara Kosir

2017        Carrie Desmond
                Tina Revzin

2016        Eileen Chin

2015        Lillian Yan

2014        Charlotte Frei

2013        Audrey Wennink

2012       Noreen Ellis

2011        Jessica Slaton

2010       Vida Morkunas 

2009     Jennifer Drake 

2008     Christine Baker 

2007     Melissa Thomson 

2006     Danielle Stewart**

** Indicates International Recipient