Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

Award criteria: 
  1. The innovative purpose of the transportation initiative, solution, project or policy and the number of women involved from initiation to completion.  
  2. Key elements of the project are innovative and how the female project manager successfully implemented those elements.  
  3. Illustrate how the female project manager successfully met and overcame challenges.  
  4. How the project achieved its purpose. 


Year     Recipient

2021      Fair Transit South Cook County

2020     Pace's Pulse - Milwaukee Line

2019       Central Tri-State Master Plan

2018       95th Street Terminal Improvement

2017       Loop Link

2016      The 606

2015      Divvy Bikeshare

2014      Bus on Shoulder - Pace

2013      Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020

2012     Sustainable Airport Manual, CDA

2011      Bus Tracker, CTA