From The Leadership: Invest in the Foundation

Greetings WTS Members and Friends,

The WTS Foundation is committed to developing and supporting the next generation of women who will lead the transportation industry.  

For the remainder of 2022, the Foundation has taken on a specific challenge — future-focused fundraising throughout the year, with a year-end goal of $85,000.
You can make an impact on the programming, volunteers, mentors, and the leaders that guide every student learning and growing by making a donation. Your generosity to our 2022 Annual Giving campaign will help to:

  • Create and fund multiple scholarships for students from high school through graduate and post-graduate studies,
  • Provide for the expansion of our Transportation YOU program and brand, and
  • Assist in supporting regional workshops and seminars, like our traditional DC Summit.

Early enrichment leads to life-long passions. The next urban planner, civil engineer, policy professional, bicycle guru, mobility entrepreneur, communications director, traffic data specialist will be guided by WTS. The Foundation continues to support the mission of the organization: attracting, sustaining, connecting, and advancing women's careers to strengthen the transportation industry. Annual gifts to the Fou­­ndation are crucial not only for continuing the professional purpose and passion of our current members, but also seeding future membership.
April is National Volunteer Month, and we encourage you to dedicate not only your time and talents to worthy causes, but also donate a financial gift to the WTS Foundation.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing our members in person next month at our 2022 Annual Conference in Seattle!
Jannet Walker-Ford
Chair, WTS Foundation
Incoming Chair, WTS International

Karen Good
Vice Chair, WTS Foundation
Incoming Chair, WTS Foundation