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President's Message


Homa Fartash

Dear WTS Tampa Bay Members,

I am thrilled and honored to serve as your Chapter President for 2024. This organization holds a special
place in my heart, and I am deeply committed to advancing our shared mission of empowering women
in transportation. I am excited about the opportunities ahead and the impact we can make together.
Reflecting on the incredible growth and engagement our chapter has experienced in recent years fills
me with immense pride. It is a testament to the passion, talent, and leadership of each and every
member. We aim to build an inclusive community where all members can connect, mentor one another,
and lift each other up personally and professionally. There is so much wisdom, experience, and
enthusiasm within our network, and I am confident that by leveraging these strengths, we will
accomplish great things.
Building on our past successes, I am excited to work with you all to further our goals of attracting,
retaining, and advancing women in the transportation industry. Some of our key priorities include
providing professional development and networking opportunities, supporting students in becoming the
next generation of transportation leaders, advocating for equity, inclusion, and advancement of women
across all modes and roles within the industry, recognizing outstanding achievements of women in the
field, and collaborating with other WTS chapters and organizations to amplify our collective voice and
We have an exciting calendar of events and initiatives planned for 2024. I hope you will take advantage
of these opportunities, invite colleagues and friends to join our chapter, and actively participate in
shaping the future of WTS Tampa Bay.
This organization thrives when our members are engaged. Please share your ideas, feedback, and
aspirations with us.
I look forward to working with all of you in the year ahead as we empower each other to succeed. Let's
make 2024 our best year yet!


Homa Fartash

WTS Tampa Bay Chapter President 

[email protected]






2024 WTS Tampa Bay Chapter Board Members


Chapter President - Homa Fartash  [email protected]
Chapter Immediate Past President - Yu Zhang [email protected] 
Chapter Vice President - Naomi D'Antonio [email protected]  
Chapter Treasurer - Chiara Rosignoli [email protected]
Chapter Secretary - Brittany Bianco [email protected]
Chapter Membership Co-Chairs: Rachael Northcutt [email protected]
                                                          Cristina Jackson [email protected]
Chapter Communications Chair - Emily Brundage [email protected] 
Chapter Sponsorship Chair - Brittany Bianco [email protected]

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[email protected]
2024 Board Members


If you are interested in sponsoring our chapter either annually or for specific events, we invite you to review our sponsorship package. Alternatively, you may reach out to us directly at [email protected] for further inquiries and information. 

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