The following long-term goals, and actions are in support of our Mission Statement:
  1. Provide an interactive forum for the exchange of leading edge information through program meetings, social events, and networking. Elevate WTS presence in Sacramento and in the transportation community with press releases, participation in local events, use of banner and collateral  materials. 
  2. Increase and diversify membership, retain and activate existing members to ensure our Chapter's long-term viability. 
  3. Provide opportunities for our members to take a leadership role within our organization, profession, and the community. 
  4. Promote transportation careers through our scholarship program, and through working with young professionals. 
  5. Encourage members to connect with and benefit from WTS National through the national speaker's bureau, job bank. 
  6. Increase the member organizations support of the WTS local and National activities such as the Leadership Initiative and the National Conference. 
  7. Assure our Chapter's fiscal viability by increasing our membership, diversifying our membership, and fund raising.