Our Chapter

WTS Mississippi
Women's Transportation Seminar

This chapter is currently in formation and is working to become a ratified chapter of WTS.  During formation, you may support this chapter by joining WTS and listing Mississippi as your base chapter.  Please check back here for updates.  Chapter information and events will be listed after ratification.  For more information on this forming chapter please contact April Rai at arai@wtsinternational.org.

About WTS

Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) International was founded in 1977 by a group of forward thinking women who realized the importance of professional development, encouragement, and support of other women in their advancement in transportation professions. Now, after more than 40 years, WTS has grown to an international organization with more than 6,500 members (women and men) and 79 chapters. At a high level, WTS gives members access to over 40,000 transportation professionals. Locally, chapters help members establish meaningful connections through networking opportunities. WTS is breaking through the glass ceiling and leaving a stronger, more connected workforce in its place through professional activities, networking opportunities, and access to industry and government leaders.

WTS was created in the late 1970’s when women could not get subsidized for memberships unless they were educational, so as a remnant and reminder from this time the name still includes “seminar” today. Luckily, times continue to change and more than 40 years later, WTS is a group that welcomes and encourages women and men to join and grow in the transportation field together.