Message from the President

After a few months of settling into my first year as WTS Atlanta Chapter President, I am more than proud of our new historic board, our growing chapter membership and our outstanding new 2023 corporate partners.


Proud to Lead this Board
We have the most dynamic board in the 40-year history of WTS Atlanta. Seventy percent of our board represents minority ethnicities with 40% of that representing African/African American and 30% representing Latina. Thirty percent of our board leadership are thriving professionals under 40 years of age. Fifty percent of our board leadership are engineers with the other half representing diverse non-engineering careers in our industry. Lastly, as if our board isn’t dynamic enough, 70% of us are working moms balancing careers and family while serving WTS Atlanta.


Growing a Diverse Membership
Our membership has reached new heights! We set a stretch goal of growing to 400 members for our 40-year anniversary and are still committed to it until we reach it. We currently have a total of 283 members in our local chapter – highest number to date. Thirty-three members joined by March already exceeding first quarter numbers of 2022. We believe the excitement after a successful 40th anniversary chapter celebration and the anticipation of hosting the WTS International Conference here in Atlanta are both key factors. We are excited that our overall membership currently is more reflective of our dear city in terms of racial diversity (33% non-white and 29% white of those that disclosed), which we know will create more collaborative solutions and stronger ideas that will attract, retain and advance all women in transportation throughout our industry.

We are committed to our mission and more encouraged than ever with our progress as a chapter.

Rukiya Thomas

WTS Atlanta President