WTS Philadelphia Board Members Participate as Judges in Poster Contest

WTS Philadelphia sponsored the Student Poster Competition at the NJ TransAction Conference on October 20, 2020. The contest was coordinated by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

 WTS Philadelhphia - Poster Contest Winner

Rowan University's Ahmed Sajid Hasan was declared the victor for his submission, “Investigation of Work Zone Crashes in New Jersey Using Support Vector Machine.” Sajid won a $300 TD Gift Card… and unlimited bragging rights!

Sajid and his faculty advisor/co-author, Dr. Mohammad Jalayer, collected three years of work zone crash data in NJ. They used Support Vector Machine to train and test the data. Results showed that variables such as crash type, number of vehicles, alcohol, lighting, type of vehicles, and speed limit have the greatest influence on crash severity. The prediction accuracy of their model exceeds 95%. The pair also did a sensitivity analysis of the variables and suggested the countermeasures of work zone crashes! 

Special thanks to Kwan Hui, Amy Bernknopf, Michael Vieira, and the WTS Philadelphia Reviewers – Andrew Cushman, Samantha Safara, Kimberly Dean, and Alexis Williams, AICP, PP for their time, effort, and strategy.