WTS Celebrates Pride Month

June is LGBTQ Pride Month; it is important to recognize the achievements of the LGTBQ community; including the 2015 Supreme Court Ruling in favor of same-sex marriage and the 2019 Equality Act. But steps towards have equality have also bet met with opposition. 

According to GLAAD, an organization that works towards LGTBQ acceptance, 27% of people survey were uncomfortable seeing an LGBT co-worker’s wedding picture. In 2017, almost 80% of non-LGTBQ American were in support of equal rights for the LGTBQ community. This demonstrates the work that needs to be done towards acceptance. As the transportation community makes great strides in diversity and inclusivity, we need to be move from detached supporters to allies. 

Many corporate partners of WTS have demonstrated their support; from changing their logos to include the rainbow flag to implementing LGTBQ inclusivity groups. It’s something WTS decided to do this year on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It publicly demonstrates what our organization believes in—not only ending discrimination but embracing and partnering with members of the LGTBQ community and all people to gain equity and access in the transportation industry. 

The rainbow flag and its various iterations have come to symbolize many triumphant and somber aspects of the LGTBQ community: the white and lavender strip represent diversity; the black stripe honors those who have lost their lives to AIDS; the brown stripe added to support persons of color. Whatever colors you are celebrating this June, WTS wishes you a happy pride!