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First Meeting for the New School Year
On September 26, 2020, WTS Philadelphia’s TransportationYOU, a STEM outreach program designed for female students in grades 7-12, held its first meeting for the new school year. Students learned about upcoming scholarship opportunities with the chapter and had a chance to hear about the technical projects on which several of our professional members are currently involved. The meeting ended with a virtual scavenger hunt led by co-vice chairs, Andrea Carberry and Dani Schroeder. Mentees followed transportation-related clues leading to locations all over the world… from the comfort of their homes!

College Q & A Panel for TransportationYou Members
A College Q&A Panel was held on Saturday, October 24, 2020 for TransportationYou members. Four panelists – Emily Bannan (Temple University), Rahaf Hasan (Rowan University), Maggie Heigl (University of Florida), and Parisa Hosseini (Rowan University) – discussed a multitude of topics, such as the application process, choosing a major, prepping for college while still in high school, and taking advantage of available resources in college.

Emergency Management
The semester concluded with a virtual visit to the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (OEM) on November 21, 2020. This event was scheduled to be live back in March before the city shut down due to COVID-19. Olivia Gillison, Community Preparedness Program Manager, and Nicola Mammes, Regional Preparedness Program Manager, led the team on a tour of their office, discussed what a typical day like is for them, as well as how they got into the field of emergency management.