Sara Stickler, Executive Director, on Black History Month

Dear WTS Community,

The WTS Mission to attract, sustain, connect, and advance women’s careers to strengthen the transportation industry seeks to change the historic idea that certain people were better suited for the tasks demanded by the transportation industry than others. Today, we know this often-unspoken idea was an unfounded one, however, knowing is not enough. We must also actively broaden our thinking of what a professional in our industry should look like.

Those who are in the transportation industry whose intersectional identities defy expectations for both ethnicity and gender are at the forefront of ensuring progress is made. Our industry is not an insular one; its outcomes influence the everyday lives of parents, commuters, students, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. An industry that touches all aspects of life must meet those responsibilities with certain values. It is therefore important to increase diversity so that more voices are heard, maintain inclusivity so that those voices are valued, and attain equity so that those voices have power.

Black History Month is a time for our organization to recommit to the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion. At the International level, WTS has prioritized diversity for its Board of Directors and staff. In January, COMTO National and WTSI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize our partnership and complementary roles in achieving diversity, inclusivity, and equity. At the Annual Conferencein Phoenix, AZ, we are excited to welcome Carla Harris as the keynote speaker and hear from experts during the session track “Equitable Transportation Benefits Everyone.”

As WTS goes through a year of enormous change, progress towards equity will always be at the center, this month and every month.


Sara Stickler

Sara Stickler
Executive Director
WTS International