Participants Connect Work and Life at Signature Leadership Training

Signature Leadership Training

WTS International hosted its Signature Leadership Program during the first week of October. The Mid-Career and Executive Leadership programs included 75 mid-level and executive professionals in transportation.

The program was revamped this year through a partnership between WTS and its facilitators, Denise Rabius, president, Rabius Consulting, and Caroline Hall, affiliate, Rabius Consulting, and president, MAC Advisors. In addition, the theme, “Connecting life and work for effective leadership,” focused on holistically achieving professional advancement. Participants were encouraged to join group wellness walks, choose healthy food options, and make time to rest and reflect.

The program gave participants, as one said, the “opportunity to focus on personal growth, values, and goals rather than just their technical skillset or work-related growth.” Rabius and Hall created a safe space that allowed collaboration and discussion amongst colleagues. The Mid-Career and Executive spent morning walks and the Wednesday evening reception together to connect and practice skills learned during their training.

WTS has had the privilege of graduating hundreds of women from this program. Alumni have gone on to be CEOs and high-ranking government officials. Participants have come from more than 30 states, 3 countries and represent every segment of transportation. It was a powerful week to witness the WTS mission in action to advance women in the industry.