Guest Column - Urban Engineers


How to be a JEDI Ally!

Carol Martsolf, PE, PMP, CPTD, LEED AP - VP, Chief Learning Officer

Are you a JEDI ally? And no, I am not referring to Star Wars. Instead of the Force, I am referencing Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. How can we be an ally to others in the workplace with regard to JEDI?

Hands on

Everyone wants to be heard, appreciated, and included with their peers in the office, regardless if you are remote, in person, or in the field. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also enhances morale, increases engagement, and reduces turnover. An ally is someone who stands up in support of another who may be under-represented. Here are some ways that we can be allies to our co-workers:

  1. Become AWARE: Listen to podcasts, read books, and follow social media accounts from under-represented groups to learn about the experiences of people different from yourself.
  2. Be a LISTENER: Listen to others’ direct experiences, and keep yourself available to be a good listener to others who want to share their different experiences.
  3. Be an AMPLIFIER: Ask someone that may be struggling to be heard to present in front of an upcoming managers meeting. Invite people who are not often included at corporate events to the next professional society luncheon or dinner.
  4. Be an ADVOCATE: Ask someone to join you in authoring a paper or presenting at a conference. Introduce them to people within your network. Your position and power can be used to help lift others.