Foundation Board Chair on Shaping the Next Generation

Dear WTS Community,

Do you believe we can shape future generations of transportation leaders? The WTS Foundation does. In fact, it is one of our guiding principles and is integral to the work we do at the WTS Foundation. We not only believe we can shape the next generation of leaders in transportation, but that to do so, we must advance women.

WTS believes we can shape the next generation of transportation leaders, and that to build our industry we must advance women. This work takes sustained engagement and sometimes the luck of the right connection. It also takes funds. If you believe in our mission, will you join me this giving season and donate to the Foundation? You can read about the programs it will benefit here and donate here.

The Foundation is tasked with supporting young women in the field through mentoring and scholarships, as well as attracting young women to the industry when they’re still deciding what they want to accomplish in their careers. For me, we must see the next generation as who they can be, future transportation professionals and leaders in our profession.   

I hope we have all been believed in—and have experienced the empowerment that comes with it. It certainly happened to me countless times during my education.

Creating that mutual recognition of potential is at the core of the Foundation. We need to convince young women that our industry is exciting, impactful, and the place they should invest their careers.

We must also listen to why these young women are exciting, impactful, and the people in which we should invest our resources. We need to hold a mirror to their own potential. Our chapters across the country are doing the necessary groundwork; raising funds for chapter scholarships, nurturing young talent, and mentoring through the Transportation YOU; providing jokes, laughs, explanations, and ears to listen through it all.   

This isn’t always easy. In fact, it is hard. Then again, we’re women in transportation. We do hard things every day. Usually, those are the things that are the most rewarding. I hope you will find it worth it, and pay it forward to encourage more young women in transportation.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Deborah Dagang

Deborah Dagang
WTS Foundation