Check out the 2020 WTSCFL Scholarship Recipients

One fabulous aspect of 2020 was awarding scholarships to four impressive transportation students. We thank our Scholarship Co-Chairs Francina Gil (Consor) and Sherry Ann Tulloch (M&O Marketing Consultants) for their efforts to make this a special scholarship event when the in-person banquet was cancelled. The Virtual Scholarship Ceremony was streamed live simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook -- what an inspiring event! Links are below to the individual recipients as well as the overall program.

Also, we recognize Nancy Clements (WGI) for compiling the tribute to our scholarship namesake Frankee Hellinger, Barbi Stiles (WGI) for narrating the tribute as first president of the WTSCFL chapter, Kelda Senior (HNTB), who served as producer for the event, and Erika Booker (HNTB) for efforts to publicize, Racquel Asa from Beep Inc. for her message to recipients, and finally to Rexti Media for filming and editing services.