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The WTS International Signature Leadership Program seeks to prepare women and men to lead the future of transportation industry by developing professionally and learning how to manage others effectively; ultimately, for the advancement for all in the transportation industry and for those who use it.

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Signature Leadership Training

This training is tailored to women only.

In a rapidly changing world, transportation will be essential in the coming years to ensure security, accessibility, and opportunity for years to come. To accomplish these transformative goals, a new generation of leadership will require innovation, creativity, measured risk, and compassion.

Leadership training designed for mid-career attendees:

  • Develop the leadership skills needed to take you to fulfill your career goals.
  • Explore transportation industry trends.
  • Gain leadership insights from a personal "360-degree" assessment.
  • Connect with transportation industry innovators.

Leadership training designed for executive attendees:

  • Content and strategic insights are based on research of executives in the industry.
  • Contains media and influence training that can be used to drive transportation policy.
  • Includes an executive level "360-degree" assessment and one-on-one professional coaching to achieve highly focused learning.

Learn more about the WTS International 2022 Signature Leadership Training program.

Additional WTS Leadership Programs

Chapter Leadership Training

Managing a chapter is no small feat! It requires collaboration, leadership, and grit. Chapter Leader Training is designed to share best practices in organizational management, effective leadership and responsible board management to develop the next generation of leaders and inspire WTS members.

Joining a chapter’s leadership team through service on a committee can be a great first step from being a passive member to being an engaged leader. View the chapter nearest you and check out how you can get involved.

Executive Women's Roundtable

The Executive Women’s Roundtable is an annual event that runs concurrently with the WTS Annual Conference, geared to high-level executive women within the transportation industry. Invitees include executives from the public sector, such as Secretaries of Transportation, Agency or Authority Heads (state or local) and Board of Directors members, as well as private sector executives, such as C-suite execs and corporate board members.

To apply for the next Executive Women's Roundtable, view our events.