Entrepreneurial Program

Women Business Owners: Pushing the Industry Forward

WTS International has formalized its program for women business owners and DBE organizations with the Entrepreneurial Program. In 2020, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Committee (DBE Committee) was formed at the International Board level in conjunction with the Executive Director and staff, to research, learn, and support DBE and women entrepreneurs.

“We are working to remove the obstacles for women to become entrepreneurs in the transportation industry and to better support existing business owners,” Stickler stated. “Some of that work is about eliminating stereotypes about what an owner looks like, but much of it is providing guidance and best practices for the technical, legal, financial, and business challenges that are a part of entrepreneurship.”

For transportation to be diverse, inclusive, accessible to all people, we must make being a woman business owner accessible first.

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Support Your DBEs

A valuable member benefit offered by WTS International is the list of DBE member firms. Our corporate partners and transportation government entities utilize the list of DBE companies when looking for contractors and subcontractors.

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Women Business Owners Roundtable

The select group of leading women business owners in the transportation industry will share successful experiences and best practices and learn from others about starting and running a business in today's world. Sessions may cover topics such corporate value and ownership succession, improving profitability, and attracting and retaining staff.

On the Roundtable

As a champion and leader of the Women Business Owners Roundtable, Susan VanBenshoten  has made it a priority to explore topics that are rarely covered in other transportation industry forums. “I’ve been fortunate in my career to have had wonderful women mentors, and WTS has been the source of many of them, however, most mentoring is focused on technical and project delivery skills or universal leadership skills rather than business decision making and other business skills,” VanBenshoten said. “The roundtable is a unique opportunity to focus on those skills and strategies that help entrepreneurs tackle specific small- to medium-sized business challenges.”

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To apply for the next Women Business Owners Roundtable, view our events.

Pillar Sponsorship

If you are a part of a women owned business, consider sponsoring WTS International at the Pillar Partner level.

  • Complimentary membership & annual conference registration
  • VIP Event at the Annual Conference
  • Additional Resources
  • Access to online discussion forums
  • Thought leadership opportunities through sponsored articles
  • Discount on Career Center postings

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