The Southeastern States and Women’s Transportation Seminar North Carolina Triangle Chapter (WTS) will hold its bi-annual Southeast Rail Forum (SRF) March 22-24, 2023, in Arlington, VA. 

The SRF objectives include highlighting and discussing the following:

  • Rail success stories with an emphasis on partnerships (Federal, State, Local, Railroads, Private Sector) in the Southeast;
  • Strengthening todays Rail System for future advancement and development as an integral piece of the larger Transportation network;
  • Developing and leveraging sustainable and predictable funding sources for Rail projects in the Southeast;
  • Rail’s benefits to long-term transportation resiliency, equity, emission reductions, and economic development including, transit-oriented development practices, and collaboration to move more people and goods by rail;
  • Challenges and solutions to provide a robust Rail System including Rail Safety, Evolving Technology and Maintaining Readiness.

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$375 - Early Bird Registration Deadline: Feb. 28th  
$450 - Registration Deadline: March 17th