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WTS London Commemorates 100 Years of Women in Transport


This year marks the centennial anniversary of the First World War and a significant moment in the history of transport, when 100,000 women entered our industry to take on the responsibilities held by large numbers of men who enlisted for military service when the UK entered the war.

The WTS London chapter was delighted to support the commemoration event, working alongside Transport for London (TfL), the organization that operates and develops the public transportation network and main roads in London, and with its industry partners.

The 100 Years of Women in Transport (100 YOWIT) program will celebrate the significant role that women have played in transport over the past 100 years in the United Kingdom. It will also reflect on the diversity of the current transport workforce and identify opportunities to enhance it through a variety of initiatives and activities.

Objectives of 100 Years of Women in Transport

To celebrate the important role of women in the industry and to engage, motivate, and inspire current and future generations of transport workers, particularly women, WTS London will deliver a program of activities focusing on three strategic objectives:

  1. Support the industry’s overall purpose and ability to respond to the significant challenges we face as a result of unprecedented levels of growth and development in London and across the UK.
  2. Contribute to building the industry’s brand as an ‘industry of choice’ for all, particularly women.
  3. Contribute to London/UK society more widely.

The program's obljectives will be achieved by:

  • Showcasing the significant contribution women have made and continue to make to the transport industry, drawing from examples from the past as well as from the present.
  • Attracting more women to join the transport workforce by reaching out to young women and setting out the variety of careers the industry has to offer.
  • Engaging, motivating, and inspiring the female workforce and that of the supply chain by offering them opportunities for personal development and progression at all levels. WTS London will be sponsoring a work shadowing program that will offer women the opportunity to see a day-in-the-life of women working across the industry.
  • Establishing an industry-wide network of peers and mentors to ensure the delivery of a high impact, integrated programme with a legacy of continued improvement and development.

On November 11th the 100 Years of Women in Transport launched an inaugural event in London’s City Hall to celebrate 100 years, to highlight our achievements to date, and to consider what else we can do as an industry to strengthen our workforce.




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