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WTS-Boston congratulates Monica G. Tibbits-Nutt on being selected for the 2018 Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award!

WTS-Boston congratulates Monica G. Tibbits-Nutt on being selected for the 2018 Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award!

Monica G. Tibbits-Nutt is the Executive Director of 128 Business Council where she has worked since 2010, advising communities in the 128 Corridor in transit planning and overseeing the operation of 12 shuttle routes with nearly half a million in annual ridership. Tibbits-Nutt also has significant experience with the MBTA, where she served as a Transportation Planning Consultant to the MBTA Advisory Board, and as Executive Director and Transportation Planner for TransitWorks, providing research evaluation for the MBTA and Secretary of Transportation. In 2015 she was appointed to both the MassDOT Board of Directors and the Fiscal and Management Control Board that now oversees the MBTA. She holds a B.S. from the University of Southern Indiana and a Masters of City and Regional Planning from The Ohio State University.

Monica’s rural upbringing was a major influence on her career choice. She learned the importance of transportation for providing access to education and jobs at a young age.  Raised as the only person of color in a small town of 1200 in Indiana amidst Amish country, she truly understands the way that rural transportation routes directly impacted her life.  As the first of her family to graduate college and later graduate school, Monica praises her parents for seeing the value in a good education.  Without an adequate school system in her own town, Monica rode long-distance bus routes to gain access to a better education as a child, and later in her life, to access her manufacturing job at Guardian, manufacturing windshields for Starcraft, which allowed her to help fund a portion of her college education. 

She realized that it was all possible because someone built a welcoming rural transportation route, and that really resonated with her.  She argues that access to transportation is not just about being able to find transportation home after being out late at night, which is important, but more importantly to get to a job or a school, which can be life-changing.  This is why Monica feels transportation is invaluable.  Under the opinion that transportation is a “Right,” she feels that the goal as a planner is to provide as much transportation access and options as possible. 



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