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WTS-Boston congratulates Janice Martin Bergeron on being selected 2015 Woman of the Year!

Janice Martin Bergeron
Senior Program Director
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants


WTS-Boston is proud to award Janice Martin Bergeron with our 2015 Woman of the Year Award.  Janice is a true WTS advocate. She has been a member of the Boston Chapter since 1999 and has served in many executive level capacities since 2002 including Programs Director, Special Projects Director, and a member of the Board of Directors. She currently serves on the Advisory Board, Chairs the Appointments Task Force, and also participates at the National level. Through the years she has served in numerous capacities on countless WTS projects. What didn’t change year-after-year is her passion for WTS and her unwavering belief that it’s our responsibility to support woman and minorities to help them achieve their goals and find greater opportunities for success. Whether it’s a high-level woman seeking a political role or a young woman looking for leadership advancement, Janice not only encourages women to overcome obstacles, but also finds new opportunities for them. Overall, helping woman achieve greatness in the transportation industry has become Janice’s personal vocation.

What sets Janice apart for this award is her work as Chair of the WTS Appointments Task Force for the past two years. She is passionate about the critical importance of women having a seat at the table and holding senior level positions in both the private and public sectors. Due to the confidential nature of the appointments process, Janice’s work is generally out of the spotlight but she has received commendation from many, including WTS International President & CEO Marcia Ferranto. “Janice understands the variable and sometimes volatile, political nature of Appointments, and works successfully with other leaders to craft strategies to help our nominees be selected for appointments.”

This year in particular was critical because of the Governor’s election and by advocating for women the Commonwealth of Massachusetts now has the first ever woman as Secretary of Transportation. It was Janice and her strong committee leading the charge advocating for female appointments in transportation that brought talented candidates to the forefront.  This was no small feat and through Janice’s efforts, WTS-Boston has become the leading organization for which the public sector seeks highly qualified women contenders in the transportation industry.

Janice has worked in the engineering and construction industry for 24 years with a focus in transportation.  She is currently opening a Boston Office for Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and works on the Green Line Extension Project on the Program Management Team for Real Estate, Transit Oriented Development/Third Party Agreements and Environmental Services. She has extensive experience in managing, supervising and preparing all stages of project development.  Janice’s advocacy for women goes beyond WTS.  Regardless of one’s level and experience, if you work with Janice, she will find opportunities for advancement that are enriching on so many levels. Whether it’s opportunities she sees for women at the firm, through WTS, or through other transportation organizations throughout the community, Janice does this naturally, finding–and often creating–opportunities that are intuitively the right fit for that individual. 

Janice’s contributions to WTS and other transportation organizations such as COMTO, APTA, ACEC, and MassGAP are beyond measure. Her tireless efforts to ensure that women and minorities are in a position of influence in the transportation industry—both in the public and private sectors—have created numerous opportunities for others, advancing their reputation and credibility.



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