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WTS Public Sector Members enjoy full benefits at a new low rate.


WTS is dedicated to the professional advancement of women in the transportation industry. To achieve this mission, WTS provides members with programs for women and men in both the private and public sectors. In fact, public sector professionals can join WTS at a permanent Public Sector annual membership rate of $95.*

Our programs include:

• Networking with high-level industry experts.
• Online Career Center.
• Professional Development Programs.
• WTS Knowledge Lab.
• Mentorship opportunities.
• 5,000-Member Directory.
• Leadership Training Programs.
• Scholarship Opportunities.

Join us to explore opportunities for career growth while supporting the WTS mission to advance women in the transportation industry. WTS is proud to have you as a member!


* To be considered a public sector employee you must be employed by a federal, state, or local government, which includes transit agencies, and metropolitan planning organizations. You must provide a public sector email address when joining as a public sector member with WTS.  NOTE: Outsourced private-company employees do not qualify for the public sector rate. While governments routinely hire private corporations to provide goods and services for the public sector--such as for the construction or maintenance of aircraft, roads, freeways, bridges, parks, and recreation areas--employees of these outsourced private companies do not qualify for the WTS International public sector membership rate. All members joining WTS International for the first time, including new public sector members, are subject to a one-time $10.00 new member fee. 


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